Premium performance
in an ecological formula

The Only Fountain Solution That Provides:

  • Consistent Ink-Water Balance
  • Stronger Colors
  • Cleaner Recirculating Tanks
  • Concentrated Formula - Low Dosage
  • Enhanced Print Quality
  • Reduced Dot Gain - Improved Print Contrast
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HDP - Capital-R Alcohol Replacement

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  • Unique chemical structure of Alco Plus will not break down ink and dilute color strength
  • Emulsification is minimized so the ink can stay consistent during the run
  • Alco Plus will not inhibit drying of ink
  • Reduced ink feedback into fountain solution
  • Low dosage required for optimum performance
  • Chemical properties of Alco Plus neutralize variable of inconsistent water supply
  • Inhibits mold growth in dampening system
  • No-solvent formula ensures no adverse effects on rollers
  • Stronger color produces good solids without having to push the ink. Dots print clean and sharp resulting in less dot gain and improved print contrast


Forerunner to the new generation of fountain solutions
Water contains minerals, acids, and salts. When mixed with ink during the printing process, these chemicals break open the delicate pigment/varnish formula. With an ordinary fountain solution concentrate, this situation can cause uncontrolled emulsification, ink piling on the blanket, color variation on start-ups and increased dot gain. Alco Plus contains chemistry to sequestrate minerals and salts, especially calcium carbonate and magnesium - the most common ink hazard. Sequestration means to neutralize or literally wrap up these minerals and salts by altering their chemical structure. The net result is a foundation solution that does not break down the ink!

Improved print performance
The first thing pressman notice when running Alco Plus is that they have to come down on their ink settings. By not attacking the pigment/varnish balance, the pressman is able to get a stronger color out of the ink. Dots pull cleaner and sharper, especially in shadow areas. Color comes back quicker on start-ups with less variation.

A commitment to personal health and the environment
Alco Plus is a highly-concentrated formula that contains no hazardous ingredients that require listing on the Material Safety Data Sheet. Surfactants are used to reduce surface tension without the health hazards associated with alcohol or glycol ether alcohol replacements. This solution has no flash point and contains no VOCs. We believe Alco Plus is the safest possible product for personal health and the environment on the market today!